Sega Prize Cthugha Swimsuit Ver.   (SEGA)Sega Prize Cthugha Swimsuit Ver. (SEGA)Review

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IasuIasu9 years ago
Today I'll be reviewning Sega's Prize: The little beloved alien from "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san", Cthugha! (a.k.a Kuuko)
Abotu the character (taked from Wikipedia):Cthugha is a female Cthughan (alien from Cthugha). She takes the form of a slender, red-haired girl. She is in love with Nyaruko despite that her race is the archnemesis of Nyarlathotepians, and appears to be clingy. She is hostile toward Mahiro and threatens him to stay away from Nyaruko in the beginning of the story. As the story progress, she becomes more friendly towards him. She transfers to Mahiro's school and takes the name Kūko Yasaka, Nyaruko's "wife". She is also obsessed with otaku culture and video games. Kūko was Nyaruko and Hasuta's space elementary school classmate and appears to at the same age as them, although she became a NEET after graduating from high school, and become a Space Defense Agency agent and colleague to Nyaruko later by using the relationship of her uncle who is an employee in the human resource department of the Space Defence Agency. She concealed her feelings for Nyaruko from her family and lied to them that Mahiro is her fiance, as love between Nyarlathotep and Cthugha are considered a shame of the family among Cthughans, however she has displayed signs of having geniune feelings for Mahiro. She possess the power of fire, able to control fireballs, heat, or drones that fire lasers.


There's no window in the box, but it is quite flashy if you´re seeing for a swimsuit figure.

The sides of the box were made for us to remember a school pool.
And the top of the box shows the anime logo in the sky, that machet with her base.
I actually thought it was not really too flashy, for a normal figure, but it is a prize figure, so like this is fine, I think.


Well, I really liked Chtugha's painting, I guess Sega did a really great job doing her painting, except for some parts of her hair and in her socks, that are quite poorly painted, as you can see in the down pictures.

And her cheecks aren't actually too red, diferent that what the originas picture shows.

But I think her expression still cute like this.


Well, I guess her sculpt was really great, it really suited personality, the oly thing that I didn't liked too much was the ending sculpment in her hair and her jacket.
Like you can see in the pictures, the jacket's ending is quite poorly sculpt, the same with her hair.


Her base is quite diferent that the others, the holes are in the base, diferent that the most part of the figures, that have the holes in the figure, and it actually make her quite hard to put in the base, you'll need to be quite strong to do this.

I think her base is quite creative, seeing by the side that the color (light blue) remember a pool, and the desing of the base also make us remember a pool.


Kuuko's pose really show's her personality very well, showing her little pervert and cute side.

Let's take a look at her.
Her pose really show's her little pervy side and also using her cuteness!


I'm really adicted to Kuuko (I actually use to call her Kuuko-sama and venerate her with all of my forces) soo I became really happy to found her, soo I think I can speak for all Kuuko's fans...
If you like flat chested girls, BUY HER!
If you like Kuuko, BUY HER!
If you like Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, BUY HER!
If you like swimsuit girls, BUY HER!
I'm really in love with her, hope you loved her too!

Well, thanks for all the readers, this is my first review and I really enjoy doing it, so I'll make it more and more, actually I already have plans for new reviews, so I hope you guys enjoyed it too, bye 0/
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