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So it’s been a while since I wrote a loot post. Mostly because of maybe 20% laziness and 80% University is too busy. This’ll also manifest in my post because I barely took any photos of the majority of the loot over the months. Most of the time I received parcels, unboxed the items and then sent them to storage because I didn’t have the time to really explore it all to the full extent. Moreover, most of the figures I get are staying boxed because I’m out of detolf space ;-; (and dusty figures are my worst enemy). Anyway enough of my excuses, I’ll continue on.

This post will basically cover a whole bunch of sources of loot; the normal shenanigans (AmiAmi, HobbySearch and Manda) but also a gift and first time proxy use, actually, a lot of random first times.

July Arrivals

Mandarake Parcels

I received two Mandarake parcels this month, firstly, this awesome Houki wallscroll, which I instabought (explaining why I ordered nothing else with it)


The second parcel is a result of me using DHL for the first time. Since it was mainly flat (and heavy) goods, DHL was cheaper – since they calculate parcel costs based on volume.

A bunch of Shiranui Figures (the coolest mechs in MuvLuv)
MuvLuv Alternative Art/Fan Book ITEM #146049
Age Art Book ITEM #176483
A doujin with Maho and Mika on the front (best girls in Girls und Panzer)
Another MuvLuv Fan Book
Kyou Fujibayashi keychain
A gigantic Lala pin badge. Yes, the item on the top left is a pin badge, approximately the size of an A4 Artbook.




Really small AmiAmi loot this month, as a result of everything else getting delayed.

I got this Bear Nendoroid parts case. And I don’t even own a nendoroid. Wo-hoo!


August Arrivals
Since it was the month of my birthday I decided I’d splurge.


It was the first time I used Jungle, and their service is impeccable – along with their packing ethic (woo for bubble wrap). Their webstore is getting a makeover, and I’m hoping they’ll list more items!


Houki Microfiber Towel
Houki Strap - ITEM #65935
Seraphim 1/4 Bunny by Freeing - ITEM #166180 (which I got unopened for awesomely cheap)




Again, with more delays, I was left with two items in my AmiAmi order for this month, Eleonora’s 1/4 Bunny by Freeing ITEM #287885 and an Illya Tsumamare ITEM #341614 strap.



Two figures from HobbySearch, Revy ITEM #412353 and Takao ITEM #287911. I kinda feel unimpressed by the revy figure, especially since she was so expensive. The paint detail/quality just isn’t there. Takao on the other hand looks really nice. And her box design is really funky as well! I prefer boxes with large clear windows so I can display the figures boxed as they are.




September Arrivals


I was eyeing this Guts figure ITEM #285901 for a while, and I was kinda on the fence – it would be my most expensive figure (and my first ‘doll’ style figure). Eventually he sold out on HobbySearch and I kinda felt guilty a few days after. Then all of a sudden orders opened again and I grabbed one, after which orders completely closed. I’m assuming someone cancelled their HS order and I took it up again.



I have no regrets whatsoever with buying this figure, as expensive as he was. The quality is amazing in all aspects – and there were no defects that I spotted. This is exactly what I wanted from a Guts figure, especially since I was gonna display him as a scale anyway (too scared to mess around with crazy poses). Now he can uncharacteristically camp in my detolfs filled with cute anime girls!

A smaller AmiAmi order in comparison to my usual ones:

My first Nendoroid: Houki ITEM #136451 It had to be her didn’t it.
Lala Noodle stopper set ITEM #406183 ITEM #406177
Hikigaya Hachiman tsumamare strap ITEM #325632
Another Illya tsumamare strap ITEM #361728


Some other sources

I purchased this Yui nendo ITEM #117935 from someone in an Australian Figure Collector group on facebook. She was really cheap so I couldn’t resist. Two first nendos in the same month!


Some Houki gifts ITEM #79971 ITEM #65935 from my fellow Aussie collector LOVELYIDIOT - Was really awesome of her to contribute to my quest in search of Houki loot! Thankyou! :D Now I have two of ITEM #65935, so I can keep one for display and use the other one on my Uni bag.


October Arrivals
So this month, I re-entered the work-force in retail since my gold store was beginning to go dry (and I had an expensive order this month, and have an expensive one next month). The new money income allowed me to make an order with a proxy, since I had plenty of spare $$ that I could use.

This AmiAmi’s parcel was the collection of everything that was delayed. It always happens like that doesn’t it. The box was huge!



Girls und Panzer Nendoroid Petit Set ENCYCLOPEDIA #60414

I got duplicate Mihos, which I'm pretty happy with since Miho is cute.

I derped on the focus there.

Team Ankou!

Akane Tapestry ITEM #480517


Shiiba Tsumugi 1/7 by Broccoli ITEM #249885


Black Odile 1/6 by SkytubexTonyTaka ITEM #391934


And most importantly:
Houki 1/4 Bunny by FREEing ITEM #331721


Proxy Order
So the last ‘first time’ of this post – my use of a proxy. I was really unsure when it came to using proxies, so I ultimately avoided them, but then LOVELYIDIOT notified me of Surugaya, and I saw the light. So much Houki loot I have yet to own! So special thanks to LOVELYIDIOT once again for basically holding my hand through the whole purchase process (and encouraging me to buy more).

"Milky blue bubble wrap"

In an attempt to keep things low key, I tried to stick to flat items...


I ended up with 30+ Houki trading cards (I literally just bought every one they had for sale)



Trading cards of other girls I like:
I pictured the card sleeves I used on the left (Houki's one for the Houki cards and Kasumi's for the other girls)


Yamato/Musashi straps


Houki Pin badge


Houki clear files and a Houki card


So that concludes this loot post, covering what arrived since July to now. My next blog will be about my 2 years of collecting milestone/room update, but don’t hold your breath, since procrastination will probably get the best of me (now that University is done for the year).

I put the nendoroid parts case to use.

Thanks for reading!
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Alchemeister6 years ago#15852616Another fantastic post from the Houkimeister.
Never meisting as much as you are, my man.

take1236 years ago#15852744Houki best girl
All day every day ;)
6 years ago
take123 Bunny Farm
Houki best girl
6 years ago
Alchemeister Iced Over
Another fantastic post from the Houkimeister.
6 years ago
TyjosAzari6 years ago#15831043View spoilerHide spoilerNice Houki merch!
Thanks bro ^_^

LovelyIdiot6 years ago#15824327View spoilerHide spoilerYou still didn't buy enough Houki Das weak bro
And welcome, to nendoroid hell.
Also you're very welcome for the gifts and gentle persuasion into Suruga-ya shopping.

Yeah ;-; there were still a bunch of minifigures that I wanted. You can probably guess which Nendoroid I'm getting next psst, she's a big boat
6 years ago
Nice Houki merch!
6 years ago
You still didn't buy enough Houki Das weak bro

And welcome, to nendoroid hell.


Also you're very welcome for the gifts and gentle persuasion into Suruga-ya shopping.
6 years ago
miopin6 years ago#15822569enjoy about your blog :) ,your collection is very good ,and you receive chiiba very fast !

Thankyou! Yeah Chiiba arrived quickly indeed ^_^ She was the last one I was waiting for!
6 years ago
enjoy about your blog :) ,your collection is very good ,and you receive chiiba very fast !
6 years ago

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