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C2QueenC2Queen5 years ago
Hello MFC! Queen here ~

It's been a long time since I've posted any articles on here. I meant to write up these loot posts earlier/during the previous months I got them but my overall physical health hasn't been the best lately due to personal medical conditions I have. I actually just got out of the hospital recently and have been dealing with recovering from a concussion on top of everything.

So I say better late than never! After all - over the months I took quite a bit of time out of my day to take photos after each time I got new loot for the sake of an article/blog post for you guys to see. So please don't give me too much grief about posting so much loot and so late. I got a lot over the course of 4 months so I decided to split my loot into 2 articles. So here we go!

March LootHideMonthly AmiAmi Haul:



Myethos 1/8th scale Nia Teppelin (Wedding Dress version) from Gurren Lagann - ITEM #368017

World of Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini by Square Enix: Tama, Chocobo/Chocochick, Sabotender/Cactuar Conductor and Kingdom Hearts II Static Arts Gallery Sora by Square Enix
ITEM #462966, ITEM #462968, ITEM #462961, ITEM #462906


AmiAmi pre-owned:

Broccoli's 1/7th scale Asuna - Pre-owned A/B condition (Ami Ami limited edition version with bonus faceplate) ITEM #287816

This is one figure I thought I would never actually buy since it's out of character for Asuna to be clumsy like this with her mastered cooking skill and the having the salad in her lap is so tacky... but for as low as it was going price-wise in AmiAmi pre-owned I couldn't resist at the time since I got a work bonus that month (my first ever bonus check!) Not to mention you don't have to pose her with the salad in her lap. If you don't you get a good view of her panties this way though. The skirt is also removable to just pose her in her panties. She's my first figure by Broccoli and actually, she's really cute and a good quality figure. It's nice to have a figure of her in this outfit too it's one of my all time favorites of hers. That's one of the main reasons I caved on actually buying it.


Re:Zero mini tapestries: Emilia, Subaru, Rem, Ram, Ferris (there isn't a tapestry of Beatrice sadly)
ITEM #553019, ITEM #553020, ITEM #553018, ITEM #553017, ITEM #553016
Re:Zero acrylic keychains: Subaru, Emilia, Beatrice, Rem, and Ram
ITEM #543091, ITEM #543090, ITEM #543096, ITEM #543094, ITEM #543095
Re:Zero goods: Emilia + Beatrice can badges, Emilia + Subaru big can badges, Emilia mousepad, & Puck keyholder
ITEM #543078, ITEM #543089, ITEM #553026, ITEM #553027, ITEM #553037, ITEM #525951
Dengekiya exclusive Sword Art Online rubber straps ITEM #550993, ITEM #550994, ITEM #550992, ITEM #550991
Sword Art Online tapestry/wallscroll (I finally got it after hunting it for YEARS. It got a re-release) ITEM #298163
Clear File: Digimon Adventure tri ITEM #559356
Clear files: Shokugeki no Souma and Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale ITEM #559360, ITEM #525525
T-shirt from Cospa of Aoba Suzukaze from New Game! ITEM #541770
Mini Dakimakura/body pillow of Megumin from Konosuba! ITEM #550949
Tapestry/wallscroll of Megumin from Konosuba! ITEM #550504


I saw the North American/U.S. premiere of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale the movie in theaters (subbed version) on March 9th and immediately afterward I scowered Mandarake for some movie goods.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale movie theater exclusive tapestry/wallscroll - ITEM #541418

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Japanese theater week 4 screening exclusive shikishi's
ITEM #559050, ITEM #559052, ITEM #559053, ITEM #559054

Puck prize plushes from Re:Zero by System Service - ITEM #562034, ITEM #562036

I was keeping my eye on Re:Zero's twitter account like I always do (since it's an obsession of mine) and noticed them post photos of these adorable prize plushes of Puck only available in UFO's in Japan - so I was thrilled to see them pop up on Mandarake never thinking I would have the chance to own them. I'm missing one from the set of 3 that I might purchase at a later time.



Anime Stuff Store (Cardcaptor Sakura: Spinel head plush) + Kinokuniya (Bunny Korilakkuma Pillow & Rilakkuma clear files) I bought these up at their physical stores up in the suburbs of Chicago. Anime Stuff Store has a shop in Plainfield, Illinois while the Kinokuniya store is located inside of Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

April LootHideMonthly AmiAmi Haul:


Alter's 1/8th scale Ema Yasuhara from Shirobako! (My first scale from Alter!) ITEM #331494

Figma Sinon from Sword Art Online II by Max Factory ITEM #236163

Nendoroid Playset #01 School Life set A + B, Nendoroid Playset #02 Japanese Life set A + B
I haven't set up the Japanese Life set yet otherwise I would have photographed it but I did set up the School Life set.
ITEM #6858, ITEM #6859, ITEM #7838, ITEM #7837


Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Deka Acrylic Keyholders ITEM #553601, ITEM #553602, ITEM #553610, ITEM #553604
Asuna pass case from Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (not in database), Chiaki Nanami Acrylic Keychain from DanganRonpa 3, Megumi Kato Maid ver. strap from Saekano: Flat (not in database), Megumin keychain from Konosuba!
ITEM #541107, ITEM #548523
Nendoroid Plus Konosuba Rubber Strap Set ITEM #538501, ITEM #538502, ITEM #538503
Re:Zero Gyugyutto cushion straps of Emilia and Beatrice - ITEM #552998, ITEM #552994
Clear Files: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Flat, Konosuba! ITEM #552369, ITEM #556115
Clear Files: Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale ITEM #556157, ITEM #556156
Megumin acrylic clock from Konosuba! ITEM #557688
Rilakkuma Bath Mat from San-X
Undine Asuna Tapestry from Sword Art Online II ITEM #547771

GoodSmile Company (GSC) Online Shop:

Nendoroid More Dress-up Wedding Set (re-release):
ITEM #325103, ITEM #331660, ITEM #287860, ITEM #325102, ITEM #325100, ITEM #319199

Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for part 2, May + June loot! Part 2: BLOG #33900
I'll try and post the rest of my loot sooner than later so please bare with me loot posts take a while to write up/put together.
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Great loot you have there!
Your taste and mine are pretty similar!
5 years ago
C2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
Caelum5 years ago#23858152Very nice loot post! I like that you split the post into two articles so it was very easy to read :)

Thank you... I had A LOT of loot to catch up on posting about so I figured it wasn't a good idea to shove all of it into just one article; that would probably make it a mile long. It took several hours to put these together and get them organized the way I wanted so I'm really happy you enjoyed it and read it!
5 years ago
Very nice loot post! I like that you split the post into two articles so it was very easy to read :)
5 years ago

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