Comments Saya no Uta - Saya - 1/7 (Wing)

Very nice review. I'll admit that I haven't actually played Saya no Uta, but this figure has made me interested in trying it out. I probably would have by now if I wasn't such a pussy and feared for the integrity of my sanity. :P
5 years ago
Thank you very much for your review!

AAAAHHHH kirei isn't enough, gotta be utsukushii... I didn't play Saya no Uta, but I read many things about it, and when this beautiful figure announced, wooow... Goddamn tempted, because it's just that beautiful, and even more after reading your review :' Too bad I've promised to wallet-chan that I won't but anything I don't know the character well...

If I have to pick the thing I like the most, gotta be her expression... When I opened your blog and saw the first picture, it's just "ahh that expression", and you captured it very nice!
5 years ago
Nice review! I really liked her character design and was glad she finally got a figure
5 years ago