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cyclo195cyclo1953 years ago
After reviewing Homura (ITEM #656326), I just had to review her alter ego Hikari (Mythra in English) from Good Smile Company as well since they go together so well. I'll probably be comparing the two figures so go check out my Homura review too!


For anyone who doesn't know, Hikari is a "Blade", essentially a living weapon, and one of the main characters from the video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (a great JRPG if you're looking for one). After unboxing Homura I was really excited for my Hikari preorder to arrive a few months later, and I was not disappointed.

A close up. A little less colorful than her counterpart, sporting a predominantly white outfit rather than colorful red and having much more exposed skin. But I find it makes the green emerald colors and blond hair really pop.

The Aegis Blade itself also looks great. The large size and transparency make for a really cool looking and well presented feature. I really like how the sword doesn't block the view of the figure body despite its size. The colors are definitely less bold than Homura's blade though.

Side view. You can see a seam in the hair from this angle, but it's fairly subtle.

Back view. I love figures like this with long flowing hair. It really adds to the perceived motion.

Other side view.

Clothes close up. Some nice detail but I think Homura's are a bit nicer.

Unlike Homura who got a metal support which mounts to her base, Hikari gets a clear plastic support that has its own base and must be placed to prop her up. The support feels a little flimsy and is pretty easy to knock out by accident, but seems to do a good job keeping her up (she droops a bit without the support there). I've had her displayed for over 6 months now with no noticeable leaning.

Both of the figures feel massive because of how much space horizontal space the blades take up. I find myself having to be careful not to hit it on things when I'm moving them around. Overall I think the detail and colors of Homura appeal to me a bit more, but I would say that I prefer Hikari's pose. Hikari also has a lot more exposed skin on the the legs which looks and feels great.

But of course they look best of all together.

Thanks for taking the time to look! Any comments or feedback is always appreciated.
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Thanks for reviewing these two! They really do look amazing together. I missed out on getting them, but I might end up picking up KOS-MOS. Here’s hoping she ends up being the best of both worlds!
3 years ago
ive seen people say that they find blonde figures to have very flat hair. while that might be the case in other figures, i find that the hikari figure has a nice golden variation which is pleasing to the eye. and again, i love seeing them together as if in motion lol.
3 years ago
They do look very well together, great duo, badass and dynamic, the only drawback I could give is the base, they could had chosen a better one. Great addition to your collection for sure.
3 years ago

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