Comments How common are flaky buyers?

  • I've sold a lot of figures here and find that "flakers" are just people whom haven't bought anything online before and see that shipping makes the figure out of reach. Also things happen, something may have happened that they had to change their mind. Ghosting is just part of it. I don't mind it, some people just feel awkward or ashamed in saying no.
    1 month ago
    some say that sending a pm should be like a buy now button but i think it's shouldn't, instead it should be a "I'm serious about this/I'm asking because you missed some information"
    I'm always serious with my purchases but i know some people don't think I am because of my age.
    when I send a pm is for asking the price because A LOT of you don't say it and i can't know if it's in my budget I'm not a magician
    and i send pms because of some people not telling where they're from, i understand it of your not selling anything but if you are i have to know how much it's going to cost!!! and then a lot of people are concerned about buyers but SELLERS! I'VE SENY VARIOUS PMS AND NONE HAVE GOTTEN A RESPONSE (not all at the time) I've waited weeks and nothing when I could spend my time asking to someone else.
    just did a little vent ¡not talking about everyone! just some specific cases love y'all!
    have a nice day xd
    1 month ago
    in general i think people should treat sending a pm for interest in buying as a buy it now button. like you should have some means of paying for the figure plus reasonable shipping by the time you send the pm. it seems like there are some users on here who send buying interest pms for every figure they lay their eyes on, knowing full well they cant pay, only to ghost. which is just like...why?? do you enjoy wasting peoples time???
    1 month ago
    BaiLangLong1 month ago#120749012I have major anxiety when it comes to pming, I normally message for a shipping quote and if it's way too high (living on hell island aka England) I panic and don't know how to respond that it's too high without pissing them off and end up putting it off for so long that it'd be weird to respond ^^;;

    ok so this is something i understand. like i used to have really really bad social anxiety. and when i say this im not targeting you specifically but everyone else who has used social anxiety as their excuse for ghosting sellers.

    no matter how awkward you feel, no matter how long its been, sending a courteous "really sorry but shipping costs put this a bit out of my budget, thank you so much for generating a quote anyway!" is infinitely better than ghosting the seller. because when you send a heartfelt apology - you give the seller closure, you show that you care.

    its funny - social anxiety makes someone worry about how their response could be taken poorly, so they cope with this by not responding, but not responding is significantly more likely to lead to the seller feeling disappointed or upset.
    1 month ago
    I haven't sold on this site (yet) but I bought a lot. I've sold on other sites however.
    I noticed it really depends on what you're selling if people flake or not. Maybe the smaller amounts are easier to flake on because it attracts a different audience that might not have that much to spend regardless and have to budget?

    I think it might help create more insight in this matter if also the buyers get reviews, and not just the people selling things :)

    Adding pictures to ads is a really good rule because sales with pictures go faster, there's less hassle from the buyer's perspective (do you have pictures?). You can always upload just 1 resized picture and then link the rest from a different website in a PM if it's too much work.
    It's also less likely to be a scam as you can double check if the pictures are genuine beforehand.
    On other sales websites I've been on it's really a must so I am glad the rule was added even though I understand it will take longer to create an ad this way.
    1 month ago
    I have major anxiety when it comes to pming, I normally message for a shipping quote and if it's way too high (living on hell island aka England) I panic and don't know how to respond that it's too high without pissing them off and end up putting it off for so long that it'd be weird to respond ^^;;
    1 month ago
    Out of the past 10 people that messaged me about sales, 5 ghosted. I've had days where 3 people message me and I don't make a sale. I expect to be ghosted everytime someone messages me at this point, they have added the mindbreak tag to my life story.
    1 month ago
    Pretty flaky, but then there's that golden ticket buyer who commits! It's always a good day when that happens.
    1 month ago
    Akira1 month ago#120748240Or sell to people with more credibility lol

    If I ended up completing the sale with them, they would be credible lol. But yeah I mainly posted this being mildly annoyed because people were making some sort of promise in their messages. That's why I just tell people I'm not interested after getting a shipping quote and pictures.

    I previously sold to a couple of new users with no problem. I get that it's way better here than in Facebook groups as someone else mentioned, so I was curious if this happens much to other people. Scams rarely happen here, and lol I managed to track down the Facebook of the last guy who was on the scammer thread in 2018 or so. I was interested in the figure he was "selling" but balked when he wanted friends and family payment only.
    1 month ago
    I feel like it's fine to change your mind if there aren't pics or no shipping info and after you get that info you believe it's no longer worth it.

    Just don't leave people hanging and don't commit to something you haven't made up your mind about.
    1 month ago
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