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  • It took a couple years, but I really am happy with what I've collected. It's colourful and brimming with frills and bows, and since I'm caught up on my main series', I can relate a personality to each individual figure. Add in come vibrant posters and a couple cute stuffies, and I'll gladly show off my merch <3
    1 month ago
    kkat1 month ago#120781734there was a time in which i was very unhappy with my overall collection, but i love it now!! once i got past the idea of needing to prove myself as, like...a "real collector," i started enjoying it a lot more. when people visit me, they don't care what figures i DON'T have; they can only enjoy which ones i DO have. so it doesn't matter if i'm missing a few figures that i deem essential.
    my collection is pretty big, but i've cut my preorders in half recently, and i'm much more satisfied with the direction it's going. i never thought i'd reach the point at which i genuinely wanted to stop, but...i want to stop soon!! and i think that's a good thing :)
    200% agree with what you said. It doesn't matter if we miss few essential figures for our collections. We enjoy what we have. Cheers :)
    1 month ago
    yayayayya time to talk about my collection

    i really love my collection. i know what i want and am quite picky(? so choosing to put one on my wishlist to actually ordering it means i will cherish the little 3d art piece in all the foreseeing future. silly expensive hobby. although i have to say this hobby has to be done in moderation and with introspective tbh to enjoy it as much as possible bc yeahh greed is something bound to happen I feel
    1 month ago
    I'd say as happy as a man can be when you primarily collect Tony and Shining stuff and there hasn't been any new figures in years. I just cope with Miku and Legends of Heroes now.
    1 month ago
    Even though i only own prize, gashapons and PuPs, i'm quite proud of them. They ain't the best and definitely not expensive, but i still treasure them!
    I'm a bit more confident on my plush and manga game, tho ^^;
    1 month ago
    Fayne Why need a title?
    Yeah, I started out with prize figurines and stopped collecting those for the same reason. Same with nendoroids which I'm getting rid of now. But I would say I'm proud of my current collection and the scales I own. It's just stuff I like and enjoy, and most of all, find very beautiful.
    1 month ago
    Addons Los caminos de la vida...
    I'm proud, but when I get bored or uncomfortable with how the figures look, I reorganize them, and that's it.

    I don't recall the name of the concept of when you upgrade, and you cannot go backward. But that happened to me with Gunpla when I started collecting Metal Builds.

    Also, the releases of the gunpla Ver.Ka models are slow, so that didn't help.

    I expected to face the same issue when I bought b-style and 1/7 scale figures, but my preference for Figma didn't change for some reason.
    1 month ago
    I'm sooo proud of how far my collection has come. Have I made bad choices when I first got into the hobby? Ohh yeah, big time! but that's all part of the learning process. I'm a point where I know what I want and know when to step back, I've finally moved past the "I see it, I want it, I got it" phase haha. Now it's "ooh what a beautiful figure, anyway pass." Granted, I still buy more than I should probably. The main focus point of my collection right now is collecting Dollfies, and given how those are pretty hard for some people to afford, I'm extraordinarily proud and grateful that I get to collect them. I only have a *few more dolls to go (until they release cute new ones of course haha) then I can focus on the Calne Ca line. I sometimes wish I didn't have such a hefty pre-order list, since it would make the dollfie and calne ca collections finish a lot sooner, but I know in the end the wait will be worth it. Maybe they'll get a re-release in the meantime and save me some money! In the end, we all start somewhere, and collect at different paces. Even if you only have 1 scale figure (like me!) or just a few prize figures, or hundreds of figures, I feel you should be proud of them :)
    One thing that I personally tend to do a LOT in life is compare myself to others and why I don't add up, but my collections are the one thing I don't compare others with, and it's made me appreciate and love my collection soo much more
    1 month ago
    Am I happy with the collection I have? Yes, absolutely! Could I stand to own more? Also yes, but it doesn't mean I am not happy with what I have. I am surrounded by characters I love, for a variety of reasons.

    I also noticed my MFC wishlist getting a little long so I decided to make a seperate list that tends to average around 50 items of the most desired items, so I can prioritise a little better instead of going, "Want" at anything involving characters I like, heh. Best move I ever made TBH as I've noticed that I am happier with getting anything from that list than my wishlist in general.
    1 month ago
    Not really. My video game collection is something I am proud of, since it was built over years and years.

    Comparatively my figure collection is in its baby years. One step at a time though I guess.
    1 month ago
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