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Fantastic Bases
layanarilllayanarill6 years ago
Most figures come with a normal plastic disk of a base, but here we celebrate companies that go the distance and have a fantastic base to match the fantastic figure!

NOTE: We generally don't add prize/trading figures here. (Because quality can range from A+ to D- and there are a TON of them to sift through.) But if someone wants the job of only moderating/adding prize figures to the club, contact layanarill.
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MeerkatQueen1 month ago#121286185If you're still doing pictures may I suggest PICTURE #3481448 and PICTURE #3481441?

Pictures have always been of the official figure, not customized bases. However I do think it might be fun to have a thread where people show of their custom bases for figures that didn't come with fantastic bases. :)

For the other 3 comments below, I've added the ones that weren't prize figures. :)
12 days ago
If you're still doing pictures may I suggest PICTURE #3481448 and PICTURE #3481441?
1 month ago
ITEM #1669859 Deserves to be here
1 month ago
ITEM #1729936 perhaps?
3 months ago
lseals227 months ago#112414001ITEM #1013662 should def be on here!

Agreed and added. :)

(Note, I've also added stuff from the below comments, but I'm not going to quote them all here for brevity's sake.)
7 months ago
ITEM #1013662 should def be on here!
7 months ago