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LucieauxLucieaux6 years ago
What is the Feedback Club?
This club contains the combined feedback system for the Group Orders! Club (GO) and Let's Split Nendoroids! Club (LSN).

  • Each member's feedback thread should be a guide to the usual behavior of hosts and participants in the GO/LSN clubs. It is not a guarantee of behavior but should be seen as an indicator.
  • Some members have personal or offsite feedback lists they ask their participants/hosts to leave feedback in. These lists can be linked in a member's feedback thread if provided. Please leave a request in this thread if you would like your list added to your feedback thread.
  • Leaving feedback is not necessary, but it is a kind gesture! Hosts, feel free to direct participants to your thread or your personal list. Participants, feel free to ask hosts if they have a list or locate their thread to leave feedback.
  • Feedback impacts how many threads you can open at one time. If you have hosted several successful group orders/splits already but do not have any feedback, feel free to point this out to a club admin if there are any questions brought up. In the future, please be sure to request your fellow club members for feedback.
  • Feel free to use your feedback thread in the club as reference for offsite selling/splitting/group order purposes.

Join the club in order to post!
Be sure to subscribe to your own feedback thread!

LUCIEAUX (GO/LSN) and ALUMINA (LSN) are the primary club admins in charge of feedback, but feel free to contact any of the other admins located in the Feedback Club's Staff section if you have any questions.
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