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dulcelimbdulcelimb2 years ago

welcome to animecore! ⨮

animecore is an aesthetic revolving around 1990s-2000s style anime, manga and otaku culture.

the purpose of this club is to give a large database of figures related to this aesthetic! if you're looking for something in particular or forget a certain figure, you should always be able to find it in this clubs related items section.

this club also supports animecore subcategories and related sources such as: webcore, cybercore, robotcore, y2k, sanriocore, maidcore, nursecore, tenshi/angelcore, cottagecore, moecore, kawaiicore, mangacore, scenecore, emocore, rainbowcore, gyaru, and many, many others.

if you’d like to add to the related entries, feel free to link the item(s) in the comments. if you’d like to suggest something(s) should be removed or have any questions or problems, please pm one of the admins ^_-


We try to stick to figures around the 2000-2010 era, but if a more recent figure has a similar style/aesthetic than it will be accepted.

Please keep this in mind before joining:

This animecore group will surround any and all figures with an animecore aesthetic. This includes figures that could be from harmful or problematic sources. We in this community do not support or encourage supporting any problematic sources a figure could be from and we choose to focus on the aesthetic of the figure itself rather than the upbringing of a figure. We do encourage that all minors keep the SFW function on to avoid any triggering or mature content, and to please do thorough research into a figure before wishing for/buying it.

By joining this club you are consenting to viewing figures that can possibly come from uncomfortable and/or disturbing source material.
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looking for ichigo mashimaro figures under 105$ (shipping included)

plz no overprice..
19 days ago
Looking for Love Hina items <3 Dm me if you got any for sale!
1 month ago
update to everybody! as the admin of the club, i’m going to be doing a clean out on a lot of the entries. i understand the situation with some items not fitting in and am taking action. also, if you have any problems with the club, message me or any other admins, not comment on the club. the club comments are for entry and club suggestions. any comments relating to anything other than club suggestions will be deleted. please remember that i’m only one person that gets busy from time to time. thank you for your patience.
2 months ago
recently got ITEM #25468 , its from 2007 and i think it fits the aesthetic
4 months ago
I'm stepping down from admin and leaving this club. I would greatly appreciate if the admin kept this comment up at least for a few months so I can properly cut ties with my name and this club and avoid any confusion.

we could not agree with each other on boundaries for the club and I am not comfortable with the current rules and entries so I am leaving it. I appreciate the support I've gotten from you guys and I encourage all new members to reread the new guidelines because a lot has changed now that the old admin has returned. bye guys! ^.^
5 months ago
item#919 if it isnt in here already? the angel xx series is from 2007, i think it fits perfectly!
6 months ago
Rest in Pease Mia Ikumi. She was truly an idol and huge inspiration to the shoujo/magical girl anime we have today. Her legacy will never be forgotten and she will forever be memorialized in her beautifully unique and amazing work.

Another note, there has been a club update due to some concerns I've been noted of, please read the description if you get the chance ^_^!
1 year ago
i'd like to suggest
ITEM #249
ITEM #64691
ITEM #5647
1 year ago
Bringing the hobby to your door.




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