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lu-klu-k14 years ago
Can't resist those so damn cute little figures? Come and share your love for Nendoroids! They deserve it.
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12%Video Game Characters!
6%(Super) Dangan Ronpa (2)
6%Persona/ SMT
1%Senran Kagura!
5%Sailor Moon
1%League of Legends
1%Monogatari series
1%American cartoons
1%Sword Art Online
2%Evangelion characters
1%Kuroko no Basuke
2%Square enix's games and animes
1%Fate Series
1%Chubby/Muscular/Non-Human Characters
1%Code Geass
0%Super Sentai / Power Rangers
0%Ace Attorney
1%Haikyuu (rerun + new characetrs)
1%Genshin Impact
0%banana fish
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Comments1,664 comments

Nendoroids are awesome! They're cute, easily affordable and they don't take up a lot of space.
Lately I've been collecting more and more Nendo's and they have become one of my favorite type of figures!
3 months ago
Hello new member here. I hope as I grow my collection I’ll be able to share this hobby of ours here<3
6 months ago
Love anime nendoroid figures! They are adorable. I blog about them because I think in terms of figures they are the best.

Blog: thehugeanifan.w...

I am having my 10 Year anime blog anniversary. Stop by and say hi and enter the giveaway as part of the celebrations.

Aniblogadversary & Giveaway:
7 months ago
Hi all! Happy to buy nendo pieces/parts for obitsuroid shenanigans. Esp bnha/hq <3
9 months ago
Nendoroids are the best for making custom figures
10 months ago
How do i join??
10 months ago
Hi my first nendroid hasn't even came in yet but I'm so excited for him to get here! He is Inumaki from Jujutsu Kaisen and he is so adorable! I wanted my first to be either Chuuya from Bungous Stray Dogs or Hinatas from Haikyuu but couldn't find either of them for a decent price. But I got Inumaki from TOM for about 46 bucks so I'm happy I'm excited to get him in July!!
11 months ago
Hi everyone! I am a nendo collector and have been for about 1.5 years. I absolutely love them and have somewhat of an addiction to them lolz. I have 38 nendoroids currently, and my collection has yet to be completed. Nice to meet you all and I hope I can connect with some other nendoroid lovers! :)
11 months ago
Nice to meet you, I also love nendoroids and would like to share this wonderful hobby with you. (´• ω •`) ♡
1 year ago
Hii everyone!! New member here :) Nendos are my favorite thing ever and take up about 95% of my collection. My nendo army has been growing for years and right now I have about 94 nendos out of my 101 figures haha
1 year ago