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what's better than 1girl?

So what is this club? Aren't there lots of other yuri clubs?

This isn't a yuri club exclusively. This club is for any pairing of two girls in figures, good or media, regardless of their relationship. This club however does nor tolerate ANY form of homophobia or bigotry.

Where does the "2girls" name come from? Why is it spelled like that?
View spoilerHide spoiler2girls is the tag most commonly used on booru sites to signify an image has 2girls in it only. The tagging system of MFC is not nearly as refined or well maintained, so I decided to make a club for it instead, and to share the girl x girl love.

Why are there figures of just 1girl in the club?
Great question!
By my defining, 2girl figures fall into 5 seperate categories. View spoilerHide spoilerThese also apply to figures with boys, more characters etc, and I encourage others to use this model for their own clubs/projects if they find it useful. Please do credit though! :)

1. Pre-Paired figures
These are the ones you already know about, they are attached to one another in some way and get sold together.
ITEM #18775
View spoilerHide spoilerBoth are touching, on the same base and when you buy this item you get both as one piece. They cannot be taken apart either. This is the platonic ideal of a Pre-Paired figure.
ITEM #186843
View spoilerHide spoilerSame case as the previous example.
ITEM #236417
View spoilerHide spoilerNow this one is also a Pre-Paired figure, bit differs in some notable ways. Firstly, these two girls are not touching. Touching is not a requirement for a Pre-Paired figure, as you can see here. The fact of the two characters being attached to the same base and get sold together, are what makes them Pre-Paired. Some Pre-Paired figures have two additional versions wherein you can buy them separately: ITEM #391932 & ITEM #391934. These ones will not be added. In cases wherein a figure has a Pre-Paired variant, only that one shall be added. The separated versions should not be.
ITEM #106642
View spoilerHide spoilerThis figure is like the one above. Some may concider the pairing in this one lazy, and I would be inclined to agree, but the goal of this club is not to condemn lazy or uncreative figures by not linking them. If you see a figure like this or other ones concisered low quality/effort, they should still be added, so please do leave a comment. Discussion of lazy figures and how they could be improved are ofcourse welcomed as well.

2. Bundled Figures.
Bundled figures are figures Bundled together in one package, bought as one figure. The differention between bundled and Pre-Paired figures are the figures disconnectedness. Bundled figures are listed as "bundled with" on their entry pages.
ITEM #248 & ITEM #20969
View spoilerHide spoilerThese two are listed as bundled with each other. Without this context they would undeniably look completely seperate from the other. Their bases don't connect and they are physically touching in any way. The items are still added though, as the fact that they come together makes the item taken as a whole 2girls. It's important to note they're not bundled with any other figures either, any amount of girls over 2 disqualifies them from being added or any additional male figure being bundled with the two female figures.
ITEM #919261 & ITEM #1434438
View spoilerHide spoilerThese two figures may just seem like variants of one figure, but in reality, these two were actually sold as a pair, bundled in one box.

3. Pair-Up Figures
Pair-Up figures are two or more (two in this case) figures that intentionally are designed to Pair up with one another. This can be done through a connecting base, the intentional ability to make figures have physical contact (hold hands, hug, lean on each other, etc) or artwork the figures are based upon showing them together. The pairing up of the two has to be clearly intentional by the designers. Often Pair-Up figures are look identical to Pre-Paired, but are separated to drive more sales or cater to those only willing to buy one of the two characters. If there is a variant with figures already Pre-Paired, add that one instead of the separated ones. If more than 2girls can be paired or a male can be paired with them intentionally, do not add any of them.
ITEM #1322 & ITEM #1321
View spoilerHide spoilerthese two diner girls are sold separately and listed separately, but their couch bases intentionally connect to one another. Not only that in the promo pictures, you cab see them paired together
ITEM #14843 & ITEM #14842
View spoilerHide spoilerthese two figures are less obviously paired up, but alone the poses don't make much sense, and when you check the photos posted by users, you can see them seamlessly pair-up. I believe it was very obviously the designers intent to make them able to interact with one another.

4. Chibi-Accompanied Figures.
Ever seen one of those figures where there's a full figure that comes with a smaller, chibi, version of themselves or another character(s)? I've dubbed these Chibi-Accompanied Figures. If both Figures are chibi, that would fall into one of the other categories depending on its pair type.
ITEM #41024
View spoilerHide spoilerThese figures are included if only one chibi comes with the figure, and both the full figure, and the chibi are girls. It does not matter if the two figures are of the same or different people.
ITEM #72251.

What are the rules for entries being added?

1. There has to be ONLY 2 females
featured. Any amount larger than 2 girls are not allowed.

2. No males can be included, at all! If an item features 2girls, but then also a male(s), it can NOT be added. Example: figure with 2girls and 1boy, are NOT allowed. NSFW:View spoilerHide spoilerThe presence of non sex toy penises are NOT premited. Dildos are allowed, but no disembodied males are to be featured. 2 girls with only cum or condoms present, are however allowed, as the image still only SHOWS 2girls.

3. Trans women characters paired with another trans woman or cis woman are allowed. Trans women are women. An item with one cis girl, and one trans girl is just 2girls.
Further explaination:View spoilerHide spoiler
Non-binary or genderless characters may be included, but only if they are generally canonically okay with being seen or read as female, or are transfemme. Characters explicitly uncomfortable with being gendered as female should NOT be featured.

Femboys, otokonoko and feminine men are not allowed, please refer to my femboy club for that content:CLUB #2227

No trans males are allowed. Trans men are men, not girls.

Conduct/Commenting Rules:
View spoilerHide spoiler1. Be nice.
2. No homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism or fetishization of real people.
3. This club is pro-freedom of artistic expression. Controversial entries and people who like them are welcomed.

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