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commit_yescommit_yes2 months ago
*a group for those who love magical girls, cute things, and- well, not really anything in between.*

- dont be rude
- dont be homophobic
- dont be transphobic
- dont submit nsfw things
- dont make up genders (example: miku gender, dream sexuel, etc)
- dont support meowbahh

^^if you submit an article or an item, i'll probably add it!^^

magical girl recommendations!
- sailor moon
- glitter force
- puella madoka magica
- magical girl site
- magical girl raising project
{^that's all for now!^}

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whos your favorite magical girl? Votes are public

0%- Sailor Moon
20%- Sailor Mercury
0%- Sailor Mars
0%- Sailor Jupiter
0%- Sailor Venus
0%- Sailor Uranus
20%- Madoka Kaname
20%- Homura Akemi
20%- Mami Tomoe
20%- Sayaka Miki
0%- Kyoko Sakura
5 votes

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