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Super Sonico is a fictional character created by Tsuji Santa for the Japanese computer and video game software company, Nitroplus.

Sonico is an eighteen-year-old college student studying marine biology at Musasaka University and lives in Mushashino-shi, Tokyo. She also appears as a popular gravure idol, as well as the vocalist and guitarist of First Astronomical Velocity. Her bandmates refer to her as "Nico-chan". She is prone to sleeping in, her favorite food is macarons, and she owns five cats: Cha, Shu, Men, Naruto and Ajitama.


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I've been looking for a Super Sonico Hanami Sake Ver GK for years, anyone ever had luck with finding one of these? myanimeshelf.co...

She's pretty much my grail!
11 months ago
i'm looking for the super sonico space police pink ver. figure! please dm me/reply if you have this figure. based in the us.
1 year ago
I made a video on my Sonico figures so far! www.youtube.com... :D
2 years ago
OppaiSenpai Oppai Connoisseur
Sonico senpai notice me!
2 years ago
hello ! if anyone is willing to sell a "super pochaco patissier mint ver" please message me or look on my linktree on my account and message my insta, thanks :D
2 years ago
[NSFW] Super Sonico - China Dress Ver. - Emontoys

BLOG #45904
2 years ago
Selling the Super Sonico LE towel, mint, never used obviously. PM with offer. ITEM #46628
3 years ago
I'm looking for the Super Sonico birthday and wedding version! I've never ordered figures from anyone except actual companies.|・ω・)ノ
3 years ago
adlurker3 years ago#74978704Thanks! But his prices are a bit too much for me. $150 for jogging. It is even cheaper to get it shipped from Japan :X

Aaaah, that's too bad! I honestly didn't really analyze the ads too much since I'm in Canada and the conversion/customs/shipping fees would kill me;;;;;
3 years ago
Aigistone3 years ago#74978688There’s a user named Nial selling the Clumsy office lady and the Jogging Figure! I don’t remember the prices but I think he’s offering free USA shipping
Thanks! But his prices are a bit too much for me. $150 for jogging. It is even cheaper to get it shipped from Japan :X
3 years ago