chronicvillainy4 hours ago#124655766I've been looking at LGBTQIA+ series myself. Here are some I found:
- Our Dreams at Dusk
- My Brother's Husband
- My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness
- No. 6
- Boys Run the Riot
- Is Love the Answer?
- Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon
- Until I Meet My Husband
Also seconding I Think Our Son is Gay. Currently reading Futari Escape as well.
Some that I want to check out are To Strip the Flesh, I Want to be a Wall, Our Dining Table, The Bride Was a Boy, and I Hear the Sunspot

Our Dreams At Dusk is one of my favorites. It legitimately made me cry with how accurate it is to the LGBT experience. Most manga sexualizes being gay, or skims over the bad parts, but Our Dreams At Dusk does such a wonderful job of representing both the good and the bad in a variety of identities.

And OP, if you don't mind light novels or Chinese origins, Seven Seas has been publishing a lot of danmei series lately. My favorite is Heaven Official's Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu ENTRY #203166), but there are a lot of other series depending on your taste. They're all fantasy, and for the most part, most of them treat being gay the same as being straight. TGCF also has a character of unclear gender identity (ENTRY #328192)- some believe them to be non binary, trans woman, etc.

Hunter x Hunter (ENTRY #71) has a trans girl (ENTRY #83210) and a lot of gay subtext between various characters. A lot of people speculate that the only reason that a lot of popular gay ships aren't canon is because of Shonen Jump and their policies.
Selling for $75 USD + shipping USED from the US! Box has standard wear and tear from being part of a few moves but nothing major. Otherwise everything is in good condition.
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Oh my gosh, does that really say Hu Tao!
I'm so very offended that such a cool statue exists of one of my favourite characters in a budget range that I will never be able to justify and sincerely hope I get to like, look at him on display one day or something. the detail on this is so, so, impressive, very cool thing for someone to have
Gerard__NP4 hours ago#124655737Where can I buy to send to Europe?

you can try keeping an eye out on mandarake as they tend to get a lot of the taito online crane prizes.
Gerard__NP4 hours ago#124655737Where can I buy to send to Europe?

you can try keeping an eye out on mandarake as they tend to get a lot of the taito online crane prizes.
Selling for $75 USD + shipping USED. Box has some wear and tear form being part of a few moves but is otherwise in fine condition.
Motoko23 minutes ago#124665850Yeah, Idk about that. When I called in to cancel my Y'shtola pre-order, I got a really blunt no response from the Volks office here in the States... They're mainly a made to order business, so the collab dolls are quite limited. Due to this reason, they would have to contact their main office in Japan to even get an approval, & they told me I could try... However, I would have to fill out a form to do so, & that would result in permanently banning me from buying from their stores ever again. From my experience, I would say Dollfie is definitely an exclusive brand & warrants a fair aftermarket economy. After I sold my pre-order Y'shtola's price jumped to almost 2 grand~

I looked into it a bit, volks is not primarily made to order. Using the pre-order event as your only type of sales refrence is missing the larger part of their business. Items that are sold in the lottos and at their store/live events aren't made to order. They are premium/limited items but not exactly made to order.

I think it's an issue with a different opinion on what made to order means. I usaully take it to mean the item is made when the order is placed, or all who order will get one. Just being expensive/limited isn't the same.
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Drippy_Ink_Shard18 minutes ago#124666860this is so epic omg i love the blue