Overlord - Albedo - 1/7 - Ending Ver. (Spiritale, Wing)Overlord - Albedo - 1/7 - Ending Ver. (Spiritale, Wing)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Overlord - Albedo - 1/7 - Ending Ver. (Spiritale, Wing)
07/21/2023 As Limited + Exclusive (Japan)
24,000 JPY (USD)4988611422540
1/7  W=200mm (7.8in)  L=170mm (6.63in)  H=270mm (10.53in, 1:1=1.89m)
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Orders via Spiritale can be placed from the 27th December 2022 to the 13th February 2023.


AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
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Just unpacked her and love the build quality including the magnetic snap on her core, but I'm disappointed there is no hole to wall-mount her with the frame so displaying her in a display case just doesn't look right to me.

I bet they didn't make it wall mountable due to her falling off from the weak magnetic resistance, but it could have easily been solved with a pin that injects between her body and the frame itself.
29 days ago
1 month ago
Anyone know about the weight ? Figure+box?
1 month ago
I just received mine and it is probably the most beautiful figure I have seen in person! I absolutely love the overall gothic style of it. The quality is top notch. I couldn't find one paint flaw on mine. I've seen some people say the frame (base) feels cheap. While I do not disagree with this, I would rather it be hollow and light than solid and very heavy. Albedo alone is rather heavy for a 1/7 scale. I recommend this figure anyone who is unsure about getting it!
1 month ago
Just received her, and overall I am happy with the quality of the figure.

The skin is smooth to the touch, which is nice. The paint work is really nice for a simple colored figure. There are shading on the gold frame, some on the hair, some on the wings, and a lot on the skin. Spiritale shaded pretty much every crevice of the skin, which surprised me in a good way. The main body does feel heavier than the frame base. Although, the frame does feel light, which does make it 'feel' cheap, aesthetically, it doesn't matter, and I'm happy the figure isn't heavier. The manufacturer used a soft plastic for the entire main body, which helps prevent breakage. While the soft plastic looks good for the skin, the hair does look/feel a little cheap. Softer plastic are usually not as define/sharp in detail compared to harder plastic, and that can be seen especially in the hair sculpt.

Overall, I would score the figure a 9/10. Would definitely buy from Spiritale again.
1 month ago
Selling unopened for $225 $190. Please PM zipcode for shipping. G&S only. Sold.
1 month ago
She's Everything I Could Ever Ask For. She's Perfect In Every Way. BUT. The Base. As Intricately Designed As It Is, The Base Feels Cheap. It's Hollow From When I Tap My Fingernails On It. But It Does The Job Of Displaying The Figure Beautifully. Overall, 9/10, Still Very Much Happy With Her <3
1 month ago
SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
I just received her and she is pure perfection! I am so impressed ♡♡
1 month ago
German Review + Unboxing

The Figure is very good, the Frame feels a little cheap
but looks good the Hilight is the Figure with all the details

1 month ago