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Mar 03, 2022
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Finally got to taking a decent picture of my room! Its not finished yet but im still very happy with the way its looking so i wanted to drop it in here :) once i get lights installed in the detolfs, i will take a picture of what it looks like at night.. cant wait <3

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Love the set up and white theme.
1 month ago
Love yom tights! Amazing setup!
1 year ago
This is so pretty!! What chair is that? There are so few all-white ones ;-;
1 year ago
beautiful setup!
1 year ago
Looks amazing love the white but is that a bunny frame on the left?
1 year ago
This is honestly stunning....I'm speechless. Like WOW
1 year ago
totty1 year ago#107378012it looks like an instax share sp-3, an instant film printer :)

Thanks. I never heard of something like that before. It looks futuristic for something old school.
1 year ago
JetJockey1 year ago#107279888What's that small box on the left side in front of the vertical monitor? A speaker of some kind? Thanks.
it looks like an instax share sp-3, an instant film printer :)
1 year ago
what filter do you use for all your pics, holy shit it's gorgeous.
1 year ago
Looking crisp!
1 year ago

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