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Jr Ootengu by Myethos
Fay D Flourite clay figure
Chibi Cthulhu-chan by Fengrong
Onikiri by Luminous Box
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Illumi Zoldyck by Hunter Fan Studio
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Howl's Moving Castle poster by Takumi
2022 calendar by TheBrushKing
Omori Dangling keychains by Omocat
OuiOui Series 1 by Itemlabel
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OUR QUEEN HAS ARRIVED! I would sell my soul just to kiss her Demonia boots
1 day ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
I'm so glad he made it home safely!! Pleasure doing business with you ( *´꒳`*)♡
3 months ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Hi! Just thought to let you know I have checked from my end again and it looks like the package was released from customs on Monday and is available for collection or redelivery from today :D
3 months ago

Check this out. Hope it will be a scale one day..

Wait it is! But not shure if it is pvc
8 months ago
I can't message you back your inbox is full! ;-;
8 months ago
Thank you to you too ^^
8 months ago
Aaaah such coincidence :o He looks gooood. Probably more worth your money than the Altair one, hehe. But Altair makes the best male faces so yeah..
9 months ago
yeahhh that's true sadly! If, I would actually buy Merlin, Vortigern, Ozy and Gil, Juna,karna, Bedi and Tristan if they do make them in a nice way. Esspeacialy Vortigern beacuse naked faeries fit in my art room haha. (and Merlin too)

(and I personly hope they also do something with the Aen Elle elfs from The Witcher books heheh)

They are making a kamisama kiss Tomoe tho! Loved that series!
9 months ago
Loooks goood! He would look so so good next to proto boii :33

Do you think FGO boys will get the resin dick treatment in the future too?
9 months ago
It's a senegalgalago, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH! Thank you for thinking about me when you saw that cute little thing! <3

I actually have multiple of their kits on my wishlist next time I buy from Booth, like this way too adorable bun-bun in jammies ITEM #1338072 . I think I will nab this galago then as well, maybe I can alter it a bit to make it more like a lemur? :3c
9 months ago

The actual about

Hi :3

I started collecting figures in 2020. I wanted to make my surroundings more interesting since I have an illness that keeps me at home a lot of the time. I collect slowly, partly to avoid impulse purchases, partly for financial reasons and partly because that's just how I like it. I also collect plushies and goods sometimes.

I love Fate and Merlin is my favourite character of all time. I aim to make a small shrine for him.

The actual about (part 2)

Various artists I like:
-Watanabe Akio
-Gustav Klimt
-Sven Nordqvist

Shotas are my weakness, I like everything with shotas in it ///u__u///

I'm always open to chat with PMs :)


Everything I'm selling is in this list, if it's not there it's not for sale!

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Angel, wavy hair, pointy ears, smile
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