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Been buying here since 2020, a couple orders per year. Never had an issue.
4 days ago
I've been Pre-ordering JP Exclusive nendos and Pokemon Merch through NinNin for almost a year now- each time i have been pleasantly surprised.
Cost of shipping has gone up so much-- so granted, i pay more than i want to pay.... But compared to some other shops, the shipping is more reasonable.

Shipment is always FAST. The packages always come properly padded and have not had an issue.
THOUGH-- sometimes they stuff or tape Preorder Bonuses to the box which has a high probability of ruining the box ^^" which is kind of annoying, but not the end of the world.

They read the notes i leave, and their customer service is always nice and responds quickly. They never give me half vague answers like i've dealt with other companies in past. If they don't have the product or don't know if they will, they're truthful about it.

They just updated the website in a few places so looking at past orders is a lot easier to navigate now. (It was a pain point before)
I wish the " Pay Later " option had the ability to Partially-Pay so i could slowly pay off bigger orders before the official release. The Pay-Later option is sometimes a god-send, though! Knowing i have the item ordered without immediately breaking the bank :)

Overall i love using Nin-Nin, and i hope other people take the chance with them too.
20 days ago
I wanted to buy Emilia but the shipping even inside Japan is huge
3 months ago
Why am I getting scam alerts nowadays from being on your site? Also, everytime I've bought a figure from nin nin game, I pay the shipping but then they ask for more money for shipping once the package is sent out. Why isn't the estimated shipping price not correct before I pay for the figure and then you ask for more money later? Seems disingenuous to me.
5 months ago
On the 28.11.2022 I purchased Item #167077 (Shinku Nendoroid) and Item #198399 (Suigintou Nendoroid) from them. This was my first time ordering anime figures and my first time ordering from them. The pictures on their website are kinda low quality, so just watch out for that.

On the 01.12.2022 I messaged them, because my order was still processed, even after the allotted 3 days of preparation to ship. Their automated message said to expect an answer within 48hrs, but I unexpectedly got one in just an hour. The whole conversation was kept very friendly and professional.

After explaining my dissatisfaction with this, the customer service explained that they currently had all the Black Friday sales to ship, and confirmed that mine was among them. After some more talking, they very graciously bumped my order up to priority shipping.

It shipped at noon within the same day (01.12.2022) and arrived exactly 4 days later (05.12.2022) in Germany at noon per FedEx. So they shipped it on Thursday, and it arrived at my doorstep on Monday.

The packaging was fine, but what bothered me most is that they just stacked the two different-sized Nendoroid boxes together, without anything to separate them. The bigger box got slightly dented by the smaller one because of this. Some random piece of cardboard would've prevented this. A single layer of bubble wrap could've prevented this as well.

Sadly, it's the Shinku box that got squished, which is especially sad, because she has the adorable handle on her box, so it can be carried around as an actual handbag.

I got both Nendoroids for a reasonable price, and paying with PayPal was a breeze. They had many payment options, as well. But since I'm such a perfectionist, I'm only giving 4/5 stars. Shame!
6 months ago
My antivirus program always acts up when I'm on your site with a scam URL.
6 months ago
"Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥59,990)
Pay Later Available!
=> Card Captor Sakura - Kinomoto Sakura - Always together Pinky Promise 1/7 LIMITED EDITION [Good Smile Company]
~426.41 € / ~$420.29
└ +5% Points on all Orders!
└ Worldwide Express Shipping! ✈"

Hello I was wondering how much shipping would cost?? Im from Washington state. :)
7 months ago
I purchased Albedo by Kadokawa from them for ¥28,215 plus ¥6,150 for shipping on 2022-09-28. On 2022-10-05 I got the infamous "Insufficient Shipping Invoice Request" and was charged extra ¥1700 for shipping. They're not trustworthy when it comes to prices.
Also as of today 2022-19-06, "Rei Ayanami: Long Hair Ver." is ¥26,800 at goodsmileshop.com where I pre-ordered it, about the same price on HLJ (please HLJ, make it easier to display prices in ¥), and ¥21,976 instead of ¥26,800 (with an advertised discount of 18%) on N2G (nin-nin-game.com). I really wonder how/if they can deliver on that promise. I don't trust their "Pricing can fluctuate based on Japanese Market prices and time (generally placing your order earlier will secure you the cheapest price). *** No cancellations can be made due to price fluctuations ***".
In a year from now, if anyone went with this offer, please let me know how it went.
8 months ago
Their autumn sale doesn't have surface shipping available.
Only has dhl and ems

I guess if you want the figure within a week, it's worth it.
8 months ago
I bought Reisz figure from you last week, today you are asking me for more money, if I don't pay you don't send it... What joke is this?
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