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PM me if you have coding/website building abilities.
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Hello! Saw your inbox was full and pls disregard this if you've already found someone! But I have a strong foundation on coding/website development and wouldn't mind helpin', thanks!
9 days ago
Arekkuusu Harbinger of cute
Hi stella, long time no see I hope everything is ok v-v, sorry for being so selfish with this request but could you assign someone as moderator back in our place ;-;;; it's a little abandoned and well I'm locked out too Xd
take care ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧ good luck with studies
1 month ago
Heya, I sent you a PM, but I haven't heard back yet. Please read it, thanks!
2 months ago
Chronic Beastly
Ur inbox is full, could you pm me an invite?
2 months ago
Check your PMs pl0x
2 months ago
Iseul3 months ago#121311136View spoilerHide spoiler
Thank you for all the comments everyone, Stella and I truly appreciate all the kindness and support. ^-^

I've been away, I'm sad to see what has happened. Sorry about your guys hard work. I'm still trying to catch up, is Stella really banned from commenting or something like Kamiosu said?
3 months ago
usagiparadise pyooooooon~
ty for all your hard work, pls stay safe <3
3 months ago
View spoilerHide spoilerchainfire3 months ago#121299102Well, I think I'm finally caught up on recent happenings, although apparently missed a lot of things that are no longer available. I'm really sorry how this all turned out, because you put a lot of time and effort into the club and worked hard to make the space inclusive. Thanks for your devotion, and feel free to reach out for support.Vyrus3 months ago#121285607ive been really ill for awhile so im behind on everything. i just saw and am so so so sorry and am saddened greatly over it. thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your efforts. it meant and will continue to mean a lot to me. I wish you nothing but the best.
if you ever want to keep up, ive posted my tumblr url in my mfc comment section that my mutuals can see!
CopyGamer23 months ago#121274143The club removal is so bullshit!!
Can't have shit anywhere...
Tsumikiria3 months ago#121262131just noticed what happened. sorry to see all your efforts go out like this.
it was nice while it lasted, thank you for your service <3
ChaoticDarkness13 months ago#121112572I'm not always that active on here but I was just about to visit the club again and noticed it was removed and then saw the article. I know It's already been said but I'm sorry to hear about what's happened.d0kih3art3 months ago#121026116Just wanted to say you had the best loli club out thereNoxas3 months ago#121014271Dude, Just saw the article, and I can't believe MFC would go this route. Extremely disappointed... Not sure what happened to you stella but I'm guessing it had to do with that as well. Hope things get better for you!Plushiseru3 months ago#120984629Oh Stella, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to the club and how people have been treating you.
Please contact me if you need anything, stay positive <3
sjonn3 months ago#120952404Just came here to say that many people fully support you in this mess of a situation, and I hope you're doing okay.PanchitoMatte3 months ago#120951311Yo! Hey there, starstellastar. Just stopping by to show my support for you! Here from a certain ugly article posted to MFC today. My opinion is kinda nuanced and really doesn't matter—still trying to figure out why all the other users think theirs does—so, I did my best to find your profile so that I could express my encouragement while you (and potentially others) are being wrongfully targeted. I'd seen your name around a number of times, as well as visited your club once before, and you've always struck me as a decent person—far more tolerable that so many people on this godforsaken site. I don't think you're the problem at all. I hope you stay well (I write to a self-described autist—in hindsight, not my best prose LOL) during all of this negative press.honeymelon3 months ago#120941042Hi, thanks for the FR! I think I was part of the old club but I never friend requested you ;o; I just wanted to say I'm sorry about recent events and hope you're alright. This website truly is going downhill

Thank you for all the comments everyone, Stella and I truly appreciate all the kindness and support. ^-^
3 months ago
Hej Stella, fick du mitt inbox meddelande?
3 months ago
Well, I think I'm finally caught up on recent happenings, although apparently missed a lot of things that are no longer available. I'm really sorry how this all turned out, because you put a lot of time and effort into the club and worked hard to make the space inclusive. Thanks for your devotion, and feel free to reach out for support.
3 months ago


꒰ა ♡ ໒꒱
OK hai so My name is boxxy and um it's been a while since I made a new video. So I decided that because of recent events that I could make a new videooo. And um so yeah so let's just start off by getting a couple things straight. I don't do drugs... mm mmh! No, I know that you all think that I do drugs, but, I don't, actually. And I actually don't have ADD either, ahh hehehe, which is funny to me. Ummmm yeah. And then another one would be ummm. I provided you with a couple different pictures. Ummmm ahh such as like, like the one where I'm like mmm and it says, "I saw watchoo did there!" And like and and then like you peoples were all like, "YOU IS TROLLIN!" and I was like "I AM NOT TROLLING!! I AM BOXXY YOU SEE! Mm!" And like um and so then ahh there was another one where I was like, "Mmm," and um I don't have any eyeliner on, which you edited a couple of different times. And then there was the one where I held up a sign and it said "boxxy plus pocky equals equals LOOOVE," and that's true, it's a very true statement, I love her. And umm and then uhh bup bup buhbuh, OH there was another one that um, that I actually didn't possst... but umm... it's out there... cuz uh some of you guys found it, and I'm all like crafty. And uhm and it's one where I like have a sign and I'm like "ihh" and it says several different things such as like I love mmmchan, and stuff and umm it actually never said that, it said I love moochan, which is one of my old gaia buddies, uhh oh, but the way, I'm not a gaiafag anymore, I moved on to bigger and better things, such as umm, things that I mentioned in another video that got me in trouble in the first place, hah! Ahh, trolls! Trolls, this is my only account and it's boxxybabee with two e's and other people, like Boxxyakamoldybread -- she's a failure Troll! TRAWLL! I can't believe you guys believe that! Who actually talks like that?! Not ME! Umm... and, so, yeah, and um, let's see here. And then, um, um I was in a thread and uh this guy was like, "boxxy, I would sing Hey Jude to you, like in Across the Universe." And I was like, "I love that movie!" Because I do! Have you ever seen that movie? It's like AMAZING, it's like BEATLES and like um, and so then um I uh I just wanted to say to that kid who wanted to watch Across the Universe with me uh that I love you, and I want to hold your hand. And also um, my husband, Sheldon, "hello! Mmm!" And, and uh Brandon, I guess, I don't even know who you are, exactly. Uhbububuuhh, my hair got longer, you guys. I'm actually thinking about cutting it... I dunno. But umm, let's see here ahh, soo, I had a lot of replies from like my videos. Or, not a lot a guess, that's a little... much I guess. But um, this one kid, uh he remixed a lot of my videos, and they were so cool, and his name was gastricpenguin... and he was SO funny. He like mixed it and stuff and hehe, and I was like "ohhho" the first time I saw it. I was. Oh my god I had a heart attack, I was like oh my god. And um, uh, mmm, I dunno. What else is there to say. Steve, Steve, the guy who sat for like six minutes straight addressing me in a serious tone? Uh, thank you, I suppose. Um, but uh yeah, this, I don't think I should answer. What if I told you it would ruin the mystique, you guys? Umm, and then um, bububuh, I dunno, really, huh. I haven't worn makeup in a really long time you guys, actually. Um, because I stopped wearing it, because it's a really big pain the butt to apply every single morning. And I'm like urr hurr, and um and now I'm just like mascera and I'm good to go. And um yeah and so I love you guys, a lot. I really like, rawrawrawr status, like seriously like rawr and um I think that's about it. Byeee.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/01/28/3439382.gif


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