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  • 2★ - Takes months to ship out parcels.
    Has been my to-go shop for figurines for over 10 years.

    However, after their recent aggressive marketing, they don't seem to be able to keep up anymore.

    Two years ago it would take like 1-2 business days to ship my order.

    In 2023 it takes about a month and half to get an order shipped out after payment. (plus an additional week or two for actual shipping by air)

    Will be finding alternatives now.

    Only order if you don't mind waiting for months to get the items shipped out.
    25 days ago
  • 5★ - Love them
    AmiAmi is my go to shop.
    They have a huge selection, good prices and I like their costumer service.
    You can bulk ship and cancel your order anytime before the payment request. The packaging could be improved (my boxes come dented sometimes) but it’s okay.
    They are not that fast with shipping out orders but it doesn’t bother me too much.
    1 month ago
  • 3★ - It's alright but could be better
    Item price: in general its competitive pricing. And they put stuff on sale too and can be cheaper than it's original pre order price.

    Item Selection: is not bad too. And they have exclusives as well

    Website: I marked it down as one downside I hate is after an Order you have to wait for them to calculate shipping cost and it usually is too high which makes you wanna change orders instead. And if you decide to change or cancel they will threaten an account ban which is kinda lack of delicacy. Would be nice if they can have an extra page where you can choose what delivery type and get an immediate shipping estimate.

    Customer service: in general they are okay, but ye as I said they really do email you and threatening you if you cancel orders which kinda not nice.

    Stock management: is okay

    Payment: is alright

    Packing: generally it's good. But they use too big of a box and heavy. For items that are not even that big at times. They do not have other boxes designed for single shipment smaller boxes. This is not nice as It also affects your shipping cost drastically.

    Shipping rates: to get to the point. Its really too high.

    Shipping rapidity: gets the lowest. No excuse at all, I can understand 2-3 day delay after payment. But 1+ week and Item paid still not shipped... I mean come on. Specially that the delivery is not cheap.

    Shipping options: in general is the same as every other stores. No issue there.
    1 month ago
  • 3★ - Overall satisfaction went down considerably
    I still like AmiAmi. They are still overall reliable. (Unless you have a problem, then good luck getting professional help. My own experiences in that regard were less than stellar.) I've been using them for nearly a decade now and rarely strayed unless necessary due to the convenience of having most orders at once place and overall a decent and reliable service except for 1 or 2 issues which the customer support refused to solve, blaming it on me that they've sent me a damaged box for a new item despite the shipping box being immaculate.

    But over the past 7 or 8 months, their shipping times have increased beyond being reasonable while many other retailers ship out all in stock orders within a week, regardless of shipping method. My latest SAL parcel has been stuck in their warehouse for nearly 4 weeks now. Yes, there were a few days of holidays in-between, but this is not the first time and it happened before the holiday season as well. Even DHL Express/EMS takes about 5-7 days to even be shipped.

    It wasn't like that at the start of 2022 or even before, so Covid isn't even much of ab excuse either. Especially when others manage it just fine.

    I'm not blaming them for Air Mail not being available to my country either since it's obviously not their fault. But their shipping isn't cheap to start with and to have a simple 1/8 scale waiting to be shipped for 2-4 weeks, even outside of any holiday season, is simply not understandable. It isn't even premium SAL where they need to fill up their own container.

    Their prices aren't cheap but normal. Their packaging is good but so is the packaging of other retailers. Their shipping isn't cheap by anx means either. Their customer support is average at best...

    So at this point, I ended up moving all my other orders somewhere else for the first time. Even some tp Amazpn JP despite their packaging being rudimentary since I at least can send a figure back and shipping is cheap and speedy.

    I don't want to be treated like a second class customer just because one of the biggest figure retailer websites can't manage their shipping properly anymore. Same with them always blaming the customer. I canceled a pre-order once 9 months in advance and got their infamous automated mail which threatens you to close your account if you do it too often without even checking that it was my first cancellation in over 10 years of being a loyal customer. I'm not some VIP but AmiAmi needs to start treating their customers like people and distinguish a one-time issue of a long-time customer and a new account skipping put on paying all their orders. This isn't about special treatment but recognizing that people also have circumstances. It's just rude when they expect our patience to be limitless.

    The excuse of being short on staff is only going to work so long. Sure, Express takes priority but even that takes nearly a week.

    Just to give some perspective, an SAL order of mine that shipped in June was sent within 4 days. So a perfectly normal time.
    2 months ago
  • 2★ - This is the last straw
    I cannot support this single shipment thing going on for 1/7 scales, especially after paying a fortune as a canadian customer for years (DHL was the only shipping option until this month). I pay more than twice the price in shipping + customs than when I use other shops!!! (Using the same carrier!)

    I have canceled all my orders with them after being a customer since 2010. I am taking my business elsewhere!
    4 months ago
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