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MANDARAKE was established in 1987 as a pre-owned manga dealer in NakanoBroadway center. Now Mandarake is known as the largest manga and anime shop in the world. We have visitors from all over the world relates to the stream of Japanese manga and anime culture which is getting popular every year. What Mandarake wants to do in future is to let more and more people to see our culture and enjoy it as well.

Stores contacts:
Complex Akihabara - order-complex@mandarake.co.jp
Fukuoka Store - order-fukuoka@mandarake.co.jp
Grandchaos Osaka - order-grandchaos@mandarake.co.jp
Ikebukuro Store - order-ikebukuro@mandarake.co.jp
Kokura Store - order-kokura@mandarake.co.jp
Nagoya Store - order-nagoya@mandarake.co.jp
Nakano Store - order-en@mandarake.co.jp (English contact)
Sapporo Store - order-sapporo@mandarake.co.jp
Sahra Store - order-sawara@mandarake.co.jp
Shibuya Store - order-shibuya@mandarake.co.jp
Umeda Store - order-umeda@mandarake.co.jp
Utsunomiya Store - order-utsunomiya@mandarake.co.jp


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