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  • le_tired
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    6 years ago
    Continuation from club/29/discuss...

    Prices in USD dollars, free shipping for USA and Canada only (tracking available at extra cost), Paypal only, PM me for more details:

    Annie Leonhart Banpresto rubber strap - $5 ITEM #182134
    Erwin Smith Picktam rubber strap - $10 ITEM #177388
    Shiganshina trio es Series rubber strap - $5 ITEM #169501
    Hange Zoe es Series rubber strap - $6.50 ITEM #169499
    Annie Leonhart Picktam rubber strap - $6.50 ITEM #206794
    Gamagoori Ira Rubber strap - $7 ITEM #202062
    Eren Yeager Picktam rubber strap - $8.50 ITEM #206800
  • mayros
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    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago
    Selling Brand New

    ITEM #263903 - Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren Yeager - Master Stars Piece - 55€

    ITEM #199546 - Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - Master Stars Piece - 50€

    both with 3D gear and sealed new in the boxes

    PM me if interested , prices are negotiable

    I also exchanging both of them for : ITEM #166978 or ITEM #98987
  • Piroshilove
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    6 years ago
    Please check this link made by Alumina for shipping charts (domestic and international). Prices don't include shipping or paypal fee(if any). Please pm if interested! Thank you!

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    http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/big/48220.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/big/48212.jpg

    One Piece stick posters: $2/ea (Luffy, Whitebeard)


    Ichiban Kuji-History of Law Prize Prize D (Towel): $15


    Ichiban Kuji Kurobas - Teiko-Prize A (towel): $15

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    Kuroshitsuji rubber bag charms: $5/ea (Undertaker, Grell)

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    Pitacolle rubber strap: $5 (Osomatsu, Kara, Todo, Ichi, Jyushix2)
    "Bocchi-kun" rubber strap: $5 (Todomatsu, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Ichimatsu)
    Todomatsu rubber strap: $5
    Koedarize rubber strap:$4 (Osomatsu)


    Osomatsu-san Dotera Gata Rubber Mascot: $4 (Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Ichimatsu, Todomatsu)
    Osomatsu rubber coaster: $5
    Karamatsu button: $4


    Hitomoji acrylic keychain: $5/ea (Ichimatsu Idol ver., Todo Idol ver., Todo normal ver.)
    Totoko acrylic keychain: $5
    Mini LED keychain: $6/ea (Osomatsu, Todomatsu) [They light up in red (oso) and pink (todo)!!]


    Rubber straps: $4/ea (Ichi, Iyami, Kara, Chorox2, Oso)


    Todomatsu button: $4
    Alice ver. buttons: $4/ea (Osomatsu, Todomatsu, Karamatsu)
    Ichimatsu square button: $4


    Omanju: $7/ea (Oso, Todo)


    Clear Strap/keychain: $7/ea (Osox2, Ichi, Todo)


    Osomatsu-san Swing special costume: $3/ea (Oso, Kara, Ichi, Todo)


    Osomatsu-san Swing Tsunagi: $3/ea (Oso, Kara, Ichi, Todo)

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    Erwin Acrylic charm: $4
    AoT earphone charms: $4/ea (Krista)

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    Takasugi bookmarks: $1
    Okita Sougo eyemask: $5
    omanju: $7 (Okita, Hijikata)
    Sadaharu Ochatomo: $4


    J-World Halloween event buttons: $4/ea (Katsura x2, Okita, Takasugi)
    Gintoki square button: $3
    Yorozuya rubber strap: $5
    Hijikata ruber keychain/strap: $4


    Gintama Petit Chara Land - Gintama autumn&winter?★: $5/ea (Okita, Gintoki, Hijikata) [*Note: Has been displayed before; no box]
    Gintama Petit Chara Land - Gin-san's Ice Cream And Donuts: $5 (Katsura) [*Note: Has been displayed before; no box]


    Notebook: $3

    One Piece
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    Law masking tape set: $4 (Item #353900, Item #353899)
    Zoro Button (kabuki collab): $4
    Small buttons: $3 (Law, Luffy)
    Buttons: $4 (Shanks, Ace)
    Quote square button: $5 (Chopper scene)
    Close-up of Quote button:
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    One Coin Mini Figure 4Q: $4 each (Aomine, Kise, Kagami, Kuroko, Murasakibara)

    Ichiban Kuji Prize G: $4 (Murasakibara)

    Ichiban Kuji Prize F (Aida Riko): $4 (No box) x2
    Ichiban Kuji Prize G (Hyuuga Junpei): $4 (No box)
    Ichiban Kuji Prize H (Kiyoshi Teppei): $4 (No box)

    Ichiban Kuji L prize bag: $4
    Hanamiya sticker/mousepad: $2
    Ichiban Kuji K prize- letter set: $1


    Rubber straps: $5/ea (Midorima x2 types, Murasakibara x2 types, Akashi, kise & Kasamatsu, Kise)
    Midorima phone cleaner strap: $3


    Rectangle buttons: $4/ea (Akashi x3 types)
    Large buttons: $4/ea (Aominex2, Akashi)
    Small buttons: $3/ea (Midorima x2 types, Takao x2 types)
    Aomine & Imayoshi button: $5
    Pins/badges: $5/ea (Murasakibara, Kuroko)

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    J-world Tsukishima glasses cleaner: $4
    J-world Tsukishima acrylic keychain: $7


    Rubber straps: $5/ea (Iwaizumi x2 types, Hinata, Kenma)
    Lev Haiba Acrylic keychain: $6

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    Haru badge: $5
    High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days- x Anime Plaza Collaborations Cafe:
    Haru badge: $5
    Ikuya acrylic charm: $5

    World Trigger
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    Rubber strap set: $8

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    Movic exclusive rubber straps: $8/ea (Fushimi, Misaki)

    Disney Tsum Tsum
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    Ichiban Kuji prize H-memo pad: $5/ea (gumball machine?, macroon)


    Ichiban Kuji Prize I-Gauze hankerchief: $4/ea (Left, center, right)


    Ichiban Kuji Prize E-Biscuit Cosmetic Compact Mirror: $6

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    Pikachu shikishi: $5

    Ichiban Kuji Prize E: $6/ea (x3)

    Ichiban Kuji rubber straps: $5/ea (Espeon, Pikachu on top of diamond, Pikachu w/ clouds, Jolteon)
    Pokemon cafe acrylic keychains: $7/ea (Pika w/ tray x2, Pika w/ sundae)

    Ichiban Kuji bags: $5/ea (purple, blue)

    Ichiban Kuji badge/mirror: $5/ea (blue, purple)

    Ichiban Kuji glass cups: $8/ea (2nd one, 3rd one)

    Ichiban Kuji Hankerchiefs: $5/ea (Evee, blue one)

    Touken Ranbu
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    Iwatooshi Heart badge: $5
    square badges: $3/ea (Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Ookurikara)
    Hotarumaru button: $3
    Ookurikara button: $3

    Diabolik Lovers
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    Large buttons: $5/ea (Laito, Laito chibi ver., Shu chibi ver., Shu Halloween ver.)
    Laito quote button: $6 (Backwards sorry!)
    Shu button: $4

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    Fushimi Saruhiko button: $3
    Ensemble Stars rubber straps: $5/ea (Subaru Akehoshi,Hokuto Hidaka)
    Tokyo Ghoul buttons: $4/ea (Kaneki x2 types)
    Hachisuka Kotetsu rubber strap: $4
    Working! rubber straps: $5/ea (Todoroki, Popura)
    Kamigami no Asobi buttons: $4/ea (Loki, Apollonx2)
    Kagepro rubber straps: $4/ea (Momo, Hibiya)
    Yamada badge: $2
    Code;Realize Cardia badge/button: $5

    Everything $3 each
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    Brook button-Kabuki collab
    Brook button
    Esper Nyanko & Dekapan acrylic stand
    Totoko clip
    Tatsuya Himuro rubber strap
    Kazuma rubber strap
    Code;Realize Sisi badge/pin
    Osomatsu metal charm

    Everything $2 each
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    Iyami "Shee!" rubber strap
    Iyami rubber strap
    Maeda Toushirou rubber strap
    Ymir earphones charm
    Annie earphones charm
    Todomatsu square button/badge
    Tatsuya Himuro Yukata button
    Mikado Ryuugamine rubber strap
    Esper Nyanko rubber strap
    Todomatsu rubber strap
    Doflamingo button
    Imanotsurugi rubber strap
    Aoba Kuronuma Acrylic stand/keychain
    Mikado Ryuugamine Acrylic stand/keychain
    Kuroko phone cleaner
    Dracule Mihawk button

    Everything $1 each
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    Iyami rubber strap
    Chibita rubber strap
    Iyami + button (baseball)
    Iyami + button
    Naoshi Haruki (Starry Sky) cell phone charm
    Toudou Jinpachi (Yowapeda) cell phone charm
    Yowapeda magnets (Aoyagi Hajime, Kinjou Shingo)
    Gai Tsutsugami (Guilty Crown) gacha
    One piece buttons (Izo x2, Vergo)
    Kozue Takanashi button
    Kamigami no Asobi buttons (Apollon,Tsukito)
    World Trigger buttons (Yuuma Kuga, Osamu Mikumo, Chika Amatori)

  • croquinox
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    6 years ago
    I have a bunch of for sales here: LIST #2812

    PM me for prices if you're interested. :D
    I ship internationally and can remove the box (if any) if you want to save on shipping fees.
    FIGURES: [ List ]
  • LovelyIdiot
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    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago
    Looking to sell everything in this list: LIST #52024


    Group order and group splits feedback page = LIST #18806
    Selling stuff here = LIST #52024
    (Updated: 2nd December 2015)

    My favourite scale figurexhttp://www.forceacademy.co.uk/wiki/images/c/c0/Balance-scale-1-.jpg
  • Miau
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    6 years ago
    I have lots of things for sale here~ LIST #67441

    If you're interested in something feel free to make me any (reasonable) offer!
  • yuu12riku
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    6 years ago
    http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/234787.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/244614.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/334050.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/334046.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/400420.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/400423.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/400424.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/400422.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/400428.jpghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/400427.jpg

    More reduced price!
    Touken Ranbu
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i509.photobucket.com/albums/s338/yuu_fayte/Identify/A.jpg
    Set A 900 yen
    Set B (Doujin keyholder) 450 yen
    Set C 500 yen
    Set D 450 yen
    Set E 800 yen

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i509.photobucket.com/albums/s338/yuu_fayte/Identify/F.jpg
    Set F 1100 yen
    Set G 1400 yen
    Set H 1000 yen
    Set I 900 yen

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i509.photobucket.com/albums/s338/yuu_fayte/Identify/J.jpg
    Set J 850 yen
    Set K 850 yen
    Set L 1000 yen

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i509.photobucket.com/albums/s338/yuu_fayte/Identify/M.jpg
    Set M 850 yen
    Set N 1300 yen
    Set O 1200 yen
    Set P 600 yen
    FGO: 575631844 ゆう (let me know if adding, as I won't accept anyone)

    Split List
    Selling list
  • snowfei
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    6 years ago
    Selling my 2015 Snow Miku Nendo - SALE #113817

    $50 includes shipping anywhere in the US, if you're interested but the price is too high please let me know. :)
  • Saurys
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    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago
    Selling nendoroids, splits, others here club/576/discus...


    Alter: Durarara!! - Shizuo Heiwajima non-renewal version BIB like new $80 ITEM #50598
    Bought BIB from YAJ but I never opened it yet when it arrived at home.

    Alter: Durarara!!×2 - Psychedelic Izaya BIB like new $130 ITEM #364200
    Also bought from YAJ and never been opened ever since it arrived at home.

    Kotobukiya: Tales of Zestiria - Sorey BIB in very good condition $120 ITEM #221042
    Also bought from YAJ and displayed it for a week then returned to his box.

    Megahouse GEM: Gintama - Ginpachi-sensei MIB opened only for inspection $100 ITEM #157024

    Buy Sorey and another scale from me and I'll lessen his price.

    Items will come from Philippines but I'm willing to ship them overseas. PM me for price quote.
  • maxitaxilolz
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    6 years ago
    Looking to get rid a lot in my collection: LIST #73998

    PM me if you are interested in anything :)
  • JimBoni
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    6 years ago
    Selling the general part of my figure collection.

    Check my shop and selling list for details.

    LIST #70304

    Prices slightly reduced, but still negotiable!

    Feel free to contact. :)
  • Lady-Megatron
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    6 years ago
    Hi all!
    Biete folgende Figuren zum Verkauf an (Tausch wäre auch möglich meine Wishlist ist lang ^^).
    Versand von Deutschland, gerne auch Abholung. Bevorzugt EU, aber alles ist verhandelbar auch der Preis (gerne Angebote per PM):

    Figuren Anime/Manga/Games
    ITEM #362999 (Verpackung vorhanden und sehr gut; zwei Pins an ihren Klamotten abgebrochen aber vorhanden)
    ITEM #453440 (Verpackung vorhanden)
    ITEM #279097 (den hab ich doppelt)
    ITEM #61570 (ohne Verpackung - 1A Zustand)
    ITEM #25659 (ohne Verpackung - 1A Zustand)
    ITEM #9442 (ohne Verpackung - 1A Zustand)
    ITEM #25088 (ohne Verpackung - 1A Zustand)
    ITEM #4454 (ohne Verpackung - sehr guter Zustand)
    ITEM #2347 (mit Verpacking - sehr guter Zustand)
    ITEM #420 (ohne Verpackung - leichte Neigung, korrigierbar)
    ITEM #423 (ohne Verpackung - mittlere Neigung, korrigierbar)
    ITEM #437 (ohne Verpackung - leichte Neigung, korrigierbar)
    ITEM #300 (ohne Verpackung - guter Zustand)
    ITEM #117206
    ITEM #18026
    ITEM #27852

    Final Fantasy (alles ohne Verpackung und etwas in die Jahre gekommen, aber gut):
    ITEM #34077
    ITEM #34078
    ITEM #12720
    ITEM #12728
    ITEM #12733
    ITEM #2168
    ITEM #2166
    ITEM #2165
    ITEM #2164
    ITEM #2087
    ITEM #2090
    ITEM #3006
    ITEM #1759
    ITEM #1758
    ITEM #474

    Transformers (US-Version glaube ich - ohne Verpackung):
    ITEM #6261
    ITEM #32507
    ITEM #6271
    ITEM #6254
    ITEM #6260
    ITEM #6266
    ITEM #6265
    ITEM #6251
    ITEM #6252
  • Moony
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    6 years ago
    Hello! I'm urgently selling these to pay for my school expenses!
    I can provide photos upon request and I'm open to offers so please leave me a PM for more information!

    All Figures are in B/B near mint condition, kept in glass cabinet with box unless stated otherwise.
    Worldwide insured with tracking number shipping: 5.50€ National / 10€ Europe / 17€ Worldwide, excludes Paypal Fees and I can only send on Saturdays.

    25€ Has a little bald paint spot on her right shoe / Box damaged, shows some wear

    15€ I noticed his hair and hands are getting sticky / Box damaged, shows some wear



    http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/88365.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/88366.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/88368.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/88370.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/144878.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/144886.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/88373.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/144891.jpg
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Manga from vol1 to vol8
    50€ Photo
  • heroizumi
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    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago

    New post due to lowered prices
  • possessed
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    6 years ago
    UFO Prizes
    Selling as a set only, $220 shipped from Japan. All have boxes, packaging. Most have been opened once but never displayed.
    ITEM #287845 Sendai UFO
    ITEM #363714 Jintsuu UFO
    ITEM #364568 Shiranui UFO
    ITEM #363743 Hamakaze UFO
    ITEM #363747 Isokaze UFO
    ITEM #263893 Shimakaze UFO
    ITEM #331666 Zuihou UFO
    ITEM #246306 Yahagi UFO
    ITEM #343155 Nagato UFO
    ITEM #459631 Armor (Nagato) UFO
    ITEM #363723 Taigei UFO
    ITEM #246373 Wo Class UFO
    ITEM #271721 Battleship Princess UFO
    ITEM #400935 Tomoe UFO
    ITEM #198434 Iona UFO
    ITEM #199601 Racing Miku UFO
    ITEM #425472 Fighting Climax Towel UFO
    ITEM #425475 Fighting Climax Towel UFO
    • Kancolle Towel UFO
    • Wo Class hoodie/towel UFO
    • Shoukaku + Zuikaku Tshirt (Never worn)
    • Akagi (or Kaga, don't remember) Tshirt UFO (Never worn)
    • Kancolle - Northern Princess Mask -limited event item-
    • Whatever other stuff I find laying around.

    Prices below not including shipping. Smaller items free shipping if also getting the set above.
    $100 ITEM #279939 Kitakami -Wonderfest exclusive-
    $090 ITEM #342501 Akashi + Ooyodo microfiber bath towel -event only-
    $100 ITEM #342499 Shigure + Yuudachi + etc 6’x12’ feet shower curtain -event only-
    $055 ITEM #236155 Amatsukaze Figma (box sight dent)
    $105 ITEM #216505 Amatsukaze Aoshima (unopened)
    $300 www.sony.jp/pla... Vita Kancolle LE Vita (Unopened)
    $050 www.jp.playstat... Kancolle Kai game for Vita, LE edition with figures, case (unopened)
    $320 www.sony.jp/pla... + www.jp.playstat... Kancolle LE Vita + LE Game (unopened)
    $100 store.kadokawa.... Fubuki Canvas -AKB event only, numbered out of 500-
    $025 kancolle-kankan... Hatsuzuki + Yamato + Musashi Towel
    $060 kancolle-kankan... Kancolle Theme (母港) Music Box
    $060 ITEM #199602 Saber 一番くじ D prize
    $100 ITEM #215517 Saber 一番くじ S prize
  • Dokuro-chan
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    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago
    Selling these items: LIST #72413

    Touken ranbu www.flickr.com/...
    Free! www.flickr.com/...
    Uta no prince-sama www.flickr.com/...
    Kuroko no basket www.flickr.com/...
    Figures www.flickr.com/...
    Merchandise www.flickr.com/...
    Posters www.flickr.com/...

    Please pm me for price and details. Paypal only, shipping worldwide.
  • njdrawscomics
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    6 years ago
    I have over 100 items for sale on E-bay, all open to Best Offers and I ship to many countries worldwide. I have anime figures, manga, old Star Wars and Star Trek Model Kits, CD's, Japanese and American Region Video Games for various consoles and more.

    E-bay Shop Link (100% 750 positive feedback): www.ebay.com/us...

    I also have a small selection of items here on MFC (100% 6 positive feedback): profile/eecomic...
    Undead Friend: Cute ghosts and goopy monsters. Updates MWF!
  • kage-ouji
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    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago
    SELLING ITEMS TO HELP PAY FOR BILLS: heiwang.storenv...

    10% off your order if you use PROMO CODE: HPHW16

    Valid until 10/31/16 at 11:59 PM PST :D

    There seems to be a problem with PayPal billing and Storenvy, so if you would like to purchase, please email me for an invoice or you can also pay via Stripe or Square Cash.

    Stripe payments can take about a week to fully transfer.

    Thanks for looking!

    **Also, if there's any way I can delete my old posts, that would be really helpful because sometimes I update my store, but I can't delete the old post and it looks like I'm spamming :C
  • Hachiyou
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    6 years ago
    Selling part of my collections,
    Check the list for pricing and details. Picture available upon request.

    LIST #70730

    The preorders are either from Tokyo Otaku Mode or Anime Island, so US Only please.
  • Cupcakez89
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    6 years ago
    Selling a few things in my shop: profile/Cupcake...
    All prices are negotiable, and I prefer to ship within the US :)
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